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We are proud to offer a cover letter writing service to job seekers that really does get results. The benefits of a cover letter are not well understood by the majority of people looking to gain employment.

Cover letter writing serviceA cover letter isn’t simply an introduction, it is a huge opportunity to expand on points that you want to make to a prospective employer and in many ways is more of a selling document than the CV. The Cover Letter should not be confused with the profile or career profile on the CV.

If you are sending both a Cover Letter and a CV to a prospective employer then it is absolutely vital that you do not repeat yourself unnecessarily as you will lose the opportunity to sell yourself if you aren’t careful.

Our Cover Letter Writing Service includes:

  •   A short consultation to agree the objectives of the Cover Letter either as part of the CV writing process or separately depending on the situation.
  • A Professional Cover Letter tailored to the application of your choice, either speculatively or specifically (we can write in such a way to cover both eventualities).
  • Tailoring specific benefits that you can offer the employer, introducing you to them and highlighting key achievements, skills, etc.
  • Incorporation of a call to action from the employer to call/ email/ get in contact.
  • Creation in the timescale we agree.

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More information on the subject of cover letter writing can be found here:

Cover Letter Writing Service Software Package

Cover Letter Writing Service Image. Graphic of a man holding his cover letter ready for interviewIf you would prefer to do this part of the CV yourself them we have partnered with one the premier producers of Cover Letter Writing Software that you can download onto your computer or use on the internet to create amazing Cover Letters that really do get results. This service is really for people who want to experiment with the software and produce several types of cover letter depending on how you wish the letter to look.

This service is not provided by us and not covered by the guarantees that we normally offer.

Go here for more information.

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