Who or what on earth is a CV Doctor?

I guess that I’ve been called that several times, particularly as we hold CV Clinics a couple a times a month for the leading training organisation, Pitman Training as well as carrying out CV clinics at exhibitions, recruitment fairs and schools across the country.

I’m not so sure that CV Doctor is the right word; however I suppose we do diagnose what’s wrong with the CV and more importantly work out ways in which to put it right. If you are in the South Wales area and want to have Glenn Hughes take a look at your CV in person then please call Pitman Training in Cardiff or Swansea and I’m sure they’ll be happy to book you in at the next CV Clinic

There are so many and varied things that people have wrong with their CV when they come to the CV clinic but if there was one that stood out most in all the CVs that we see it is that the CVs are generally activity or responsibility driven. People seem to go on endlessly about what they do or did in a role and the truth is that any employer worth their salt will know pretty much what you did. An employer or recruiter is really interested in what you accomplished or achieved for the organisation for which you worked. They would not be even looking to employ anyone if they didn’t have a problem to solve so show employers what you did to help.

Whilst you are describing your career accomplishments, focus on the tangible benefit that you delivered for your employer when you were working there. If you made the employer money or saved them some money then say exactly how much you gained or saved the employer.

The reason why most people’s CVs are rejected at first glance is that they do not convey that very real benefit to an employer in the first ten seconds of the CV. You can forget about having detailed work experience beautifully written out in the body of the CV if it does not impress at first glance as the majority of readers won’t give it a second glance- harsh but very true.

Need some advice?

Why not send us your CV and we’ll take a look at it- there is no obligation and we will get a professional CV writer to take a look at the CV and record a short, five minute video explaining exactly what is wrong with the CV and more importantly, what needs to be done to put it right. You might be very glad indeed that you did take the time and get the advice of a CV expert!

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