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Looking for a {brand new|new} or {improved|better} role if you are {located|based} in {The UAE|Dubai}? We can {definitely help|help} you.

The {jobs market|market} today in {The UAE|Dubai} is {highly|very|extremely} competitive and we guarantee that you will get interviewed after getting your {CV|Resume|Curriculum Vitae} professionally {created|written} by us. {We are|We’re} experienced {CV|Resume|Curriculum Vitae} writing specialists and have been instrCV writing service dubai UAEumental in getting people {job interviews|interviewed} for {lucrative|amazing} roles in the Dubai market.

The attraction is {very obvious|clear}. Amazing climate, exceptional salaries, great benefits but all that does come at a cost.

The jobs market in Dubai is dominated by the construction as well as the oil and gas {markets|sectors}. Of course, other infrastructure roles are prevalent, for example {electronic engineering|electronics}, digital marketing, etc.; however many {companies|organisations} are {run|owned} by European, North American and Australasian parent companies so {fluency in|command of} the English language is going to be a {major|huge advantage} for people looking for employment, particularly in this, very {difficult|competitive} market.

Having someone write your {CV|Resume|Curriculum Vitae} who is a fluent English speaker {coupled with|as well as} being a Professional {CV|Resume|Curriculum Vitae} writer gives you a {tangible|unique} and very {strong|definite} advantage.

Why our CV writing service?

Having {edited|written} CVs for many {customers|people} who have gone on to succeed in getting {incredible|amazing} {jobs|positions|roles} in the {area|location}, you {might|could} say that we are specialists in {this|the} market. We understand the local market and {more|mosSpecialist Dubai CV writing services office imaget} importantly the {needs|requirements} of hiring managers in Dubai. On average, recruiters and employers are now {scrutinising|looking at} a {CV|Resume|Curriculum Vitae} for {six|6|just 6} seconds or {even less|less} so it makes sense to use a specialist {CV|Resume|Curriculum Vitae} writing service. Dubai is in effect, not that different a market from many of the others that we write for with the following differences:

Recruiters and employers who speak English as a {mother tongues|first language} are more {exacting|critical} and will {find|spot} English mistakes {straight away|immediately}. The chances are that if your English is not perfect then your {CV|Resume|Curriculum Vitae} will be {deleted|rejected} {straight away|immediately} and your {hope|chances} of a {new|better} role will have been {sabotaged|scuppered} at the very first {sift|hurdle}.

Our {CV|Resume|Curriculum Vitae} writers really are experts. We guarantee our results and make 100% certain that the end product that you receive will {be effective|work} in the local market in Dubai and also elsewhere in the world should you {decide|choose} to work {somewhere else|elsewhere}.

Differences between a CV for the Dubai jobs market and elsewhere

There is {1|one|a single} {substantial|significant} difference in the {CV|Resume|Curriculum Vitae} format expected in the Dubai market and that is the {addition|inclusion} of a {photo|photograph}. More traditional {companies|organisations} {might|will} expect to see a photograph on the {CV|Resume|Curriculum Vitae}. More {forward-looking|progressive} {companies|organisations}, for example {UK|British}, {US|North American} and European organisations will not expect to see a photograph. Our advice would be to leave a photograph out of the unless there is a valid reason such as security for {including|having} a photograph on the {CV|Resume|Curriculum Vitae}.

Date of birth and address are other elements of a {CV|Resume|Curriculum Vitae} that more traditional {companies|organisations} {might|will} expect to see. Progressive businesses will not need to have that detail in the {CV|Resume|Curriculum Vitae} . The {primary|major} reason for omitting this information is identity theft. Our advice is to leave this information out of the {CV|Resume|Curriculum Vitae} unless it is specifically requested.

Author: Glenn Hughes

I’m a business owner in the internet sector. Sites include a CV writing business, local websites, Amazon stores and more.

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