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Looking for a new or better role if you are based in Dubai? We can help.

The market in Dubai is competitive and we guarantee that you will get interviewed after getting your CV professionally written by us. We’re experienced CV writing specialists and have been instrCV writing service dubai UAEumental in getting people interviewed for amazing roles in the Dubai market.

The attraction is clear. Amazing climate, exceptional salaries, great benefits but all that does come at a cost.

The jobs market in Dubai is dominated by the construction as well as the oil and gas sectors. Of course, other infrastructure roles are prevalent, for example electronics, digital marketing, etc.; however many organisations are owned by European, North American and Australasian parent companies so command of the English language is going to be a huge advantage for people looking for employment, particularly in this, very competitive market.

Why our CV writing service?

Having written CVs for many people who have gone on to succeed in getting amazing roles in the location, you could say that we are specialists in the market. We understand the local market and mosSpecialist Dubai CV writing services office imaget importantly the requirements of hiring managers in Dubai. On average, recruiters and employers are now looking at a CV for 6 seconds or less so it makes sense to use a specialist CV writing service. Dubai is in effect, not that different a market from many of the others that we write for with the following differences:

Recruiters and employers who speak English as a first language are more critical and will spot English mistakes immediately. The chances are that if your English is not perfect then your CV will be rejected immediately and your chances of a better role will have been scuppered at the very first hurdle.

Our CV writers really are experts. We guarantee our results and make 100% certain that the end product that you receive will work in the local market in Dubai and also elsewhere in the world should you choose to work elsewhere.

Differences between a CV for the Dubai jobs market and elsewhere

There is one significant difference in the CV format expected in the Dubai market and that is the inclusion of a photograph. More traditional organisations will expect to see a photograph on the CV. More progressive organisations, for example British, North American and European organisations will not expect to see a photograph. Our advice would be to leave a photograph out of the unless there is a valid reason such as security for having a photograph on there.

Date of birth and address are other elements of a CV that more traditional organisations will expect to see. Progressive businesses will not need to have that detail in the CV. The major reason for omitting this information is identity theft. Our advice is to leave this information out of the CV unless it is specifically requested.


Author: Glenn Hughes

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