Professional Outplacement Services for Responsible Organisations

As organisations navigate through challenging times, they may find themselves needing to make staff redundancies. At CV That Works, we understand that while the redundancy process may be technically aimed at roles rather than people, it can still be an emotional and difficult time for those impacted. That’s why we offer professional outplacement services to organizations who want to support their team through the redundancy process.

Our team of experts can provide a range of services to help individuals who are facing redundancy, including professional CV writing, job search advice, LinkedIn profile editing and creation, and personalised outplacement services.

Professional CV Writing

Our professional CV writing services are designed to help individuals make a strong impression on potential employers. Our team will work with each individual to create a tailored and effective CV that showcases their skills and experience. Pricing and timescales will vary, and our services are best suited for groups of up to 20 people at a time.

Job Search Advice or CV Clinics

Our job search and CV clinics are tailored to the specific needs of those facing redundancy. They can be held on-premises or at a suitable venue, and consist of group and individual sessions. Our team will provide a comprehensive presentation on the job market, job search strategies, and interview preparation, along with a tailored action plan to help individuals secure a new role. Topics covered in the presentation include:

  • The job market
  • Tailoring your CV
  • Working with recruiters
  • The unadvertised job market
  • Keyword optimising your CV
  • Job applications
  • Applicant tracking software
  • CV parsing software
  • Interview preparation
  • Interview training
  • Mock interviews and more.

LinkedIn Profile Editing, Creation or Updating

LinkedIn is one of the largest recruitment portals in the world, making it essential for job seekers to have a current and well-optimized profile. Our team can write and complete a LinkedIn profile, while also researching specific skills and experience relevant to each individual’s job roles and education. This will give those facing redundancy a competitive edge in the job market.

Personalised Outplacement Services

We work with a network of trusted specialists to provide personalized outplacement services, including legal employment advice, redundancy selection criteria, union consultation, unfair selection for redundancy, tribunals, grievance, and discrimination.

At CV That Works, we take confidentiality and professionalism seriously, and are here to help individuals navigate a difficult time with ease. To get in touch, please fill out the form below, email, or call Glenn Hughes directly on 07930 673053.

Let us support you and your team during this challenging time. Contact us today by calling +44 1656 880648 from the UK or abroad, or fill out the form on our website and we will respond promptly.


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