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So you have received the call or email and are going to have an interview for a new position. No matter who you are or how experienced you happen to be, being interviewed is never an entirely comfortable experience. You could argue that if you aren’t a bit concerned about the interview then you aren’t really that interested in being successful.

The answer to interview nerves, preparation

There are many things that you can control when going into the unfamiliar situation of being interviewed, the most important elements are preparation and training/ practice. If you are as prepared as you possibly can be then you will have the very best chance possible of landing the job or getting through to the next stage.

interview training, the key to caareer success

How can we help with Interview Training?

We do personalised interview training, tailored for your own individual needs.

Our interview preparation training includes: researching the company and the market you are looking to work in, researching the background of the individual who will be interviewing you so that you will know their background and possibly their interests so you will have  a point of reference or connection, so important in an interview.

Our interview training also includes: identifying potential questions based on the job description, job advertisement or person specification and one to one training on the telephone, in person or over Skype as appropriate. we cover the interview process, likely questions, rehearse answers, etc.

Interview Training Testimonials

We have helped many people get new or better jobs through working with them, coaching and going through dummy or mock interviews with them. We are currently working with 3 motivated individuals and have space to carry out interview training for another 3 people as a maximum. If you are interested in this, please get in touch as space is limited.



Author: Glenn Hughes

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