In the last couple of weeks we’ve been researching who our customers are, why they use us and, in particular, whether people are men or women.

Is A CV Writing Service For Women?

Our research has shown that around 40% of our customers to date have been women. It has puzzled me for a while as to why the percentage of women using our service isn’t higher. So why are more men than women using our CV writing service?

We have found that women actually use our service in large numbers, yet our single highest demographic is men for whom English is a second language and are looking to work in a Western economy such as the United Kingdom or the USA. When I’ve discussed this with people in the recruitment sector, they seem to agree, the people who are not from the UK seem to think that they can buy an advantage over others who do not think that way.

CV writing service for womenOne common mistake that people make is having their CV reviewed by a friend or family member. In my opinion, that simply does not make any sense. I always advise my children to take weight loss advice from thin doctors. It stands to reason to me to me that someone who writes CVs for a living is going to have a pretty good idea as to what works and what doesn’t.  Is there then a need for a CV writing service for Women?

Would You Use a CV Writing Service For Women?

The simple truth is that a CV writing service is for everyone, neither men or women get any benefit from ploughing their own furrow so I really do expect the numbers to change over the next couple of months. Man or woman, black or white, richer or poorer, our service is for everyone, we hope to welcome you as a customer some time soon.


  • Glenn Hughes

    I'm a professional CV writer who also writes website content, LinkedIn profiles, helps people with bespoke job applications and more. I've been writing for the internet since 2009 and have many published articles.

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