CV Testimonial

Received a lovely CV testimonial today from a past customer by email. I’ve edited out the personal elements to preserve confidentiality. It’s always pleasing when someone takes the time to write.

Hi Glen

I hope you are well?

I just thought I’d let you know that I have now been successful in gaining employment, I started XX weeks ago with XXXX XXXX XXXX , as a XXXXXX Manager at their site in XXXX.  Nevertheless, the current XXXX Manager has handed in his notice now, so it seems I will be taken on full-time.  The package I’ve been offered is fantastic and its only 25 mins from my house, and the hours are sociable.  Theres is an extreme amount of work to do, however the site manager is really supportive and keen on me, and will be sending me on the necessary course, required.  It seems to tick all my boxes.

I’d just like to thank you for your help over these last few months, once all is confirmed I will be updating my LinkedIn profile, so may drop you a line to ensure it is looking sharp and up-to-date.  I’d like to keep the relationship we’ve built going?

Many thanks


It really does make me smile and realise that it is worthwhile when people end up getting what they deserve and are in the roles they are supposed to do. Hope it brightened up your day as much as it did mine?


Author: Glenn Hughes

I’m a business owner in the internet sector. Sites include a CV writing business, local websites, Amazon stores and more.

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