Are Cover Letter Writing Services any good?

Strange question I guess for someone to ask who writes Cover letters as well as CVs, LinkedIn profiles and other documents for people. Before I answer the question, I’d like to discuss the reason for a Cover Letter in the first place.

Cover Letter writing serviceThe origin of the humble letter was the introductory note that someone wrote as a recommendation for someone, long before we even had a proper postal service. Before the advent of email, telegrams and even the Post Office, people traveling to other parts of the country would often ask for a letter of introduction or recommendation from a friend or someone of good standing in the community. On arrival at their destination, the introductory letter could be produced to back up the credentials of the bearer of the document and so gain respect and standing in the eyes of the person reading it.

A Cover Letter writing service is an extension of the CV writing service that many businesses offer to job seekers or candidates looking for employment in a market.

The purpose of the Cover Letter (or sometimes email cover) is to add information pertinent to the application that someone is making for a job and to supplement, not replace the CV. If the Cover letter writing service that you are considering using doesn’t fully understand the reasons why you might need one, it stands to reason that their service might not be as clever as you might think. People can spot a fake a mile off so please steer clear from services that don’t deliver what they say they can.

Truth is that a Cover Letter writing service can be very useful. This depends, of course on the quality of the Cover letter that is produced at the end and whether it actually helps you reach the goal of being interviewed. If you’re interested in getting a Cover letter written by us, please go here.

Author: Glenn Hughes

I’m a business owner in the internet sector. Sites include a CV writing business, local websites, Amazon stores and more.

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