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We will {write|create} a professional keyword optimised Linkedin profile, {Google|search engine} friendly and give you the {very best|best} possible {chance of|opportunity to) being found in searches done through Linkedin Every single profile we {write|create} is individually tailored to you and your {career history|job search}.

We research all the keywords that :recruiters|employers} are {searching|looking} for in your {chosen|target} {sector|area} and we optimise perfectly your {LinkedIn profile|profile} to make {certain|sure} that you are found by recruiters and employers on {the LinkedIn website|LinkedIn}. If {anyone|someone} is {selling|offering} you this service for less than {£80|£70}, {then there|there} is something {fishy going on|wrong}. This service, professionally undertaken takes {around|nearly} a full day’s work to do properly. This service is {necessary|essential} {nowadays|today} as more {employers|recruiters} than ever are using LinkedIn to find {perfect|ideal} {people|candidates} {such as|like} you!

LinkedIn Profile Writing Service

We started {providing|offering} a LinkedIn Profile Writing Service [location] when it started to {become clear to us|dawn on us} that LinkedIn was becoming the Social Media destination of choice for professional {business people|people}.

We get {huge|large} numbers of Business people|people} {messaging|contacting} us through LinkedIn, (in no small part|partly} because our own LinkedIn {business profiles|profiles} are well optimised and {bring in|generate} large amounts of {website|web-site|web site} {visitors|traffic}.

(A|Your} LinkedIn profile {is not|isn’t} {just|simply} an extension of your {CV|Resume|Curriculum Vitae}. The style of writing used when {writing|creating|making} your LinkedIn profile {should|needs to} be informal but not {messy|sloppy}. LinkedIn is a {serious|professional} networking {website|web site|web-site|site} and many different {sorts|types} of people {might|will} {look at|view} your {LinkedIn profile|profile}.

Our LinkedIn {editing|writing} service {will make certain|ensures} that you stand out for the {correct|right} reasons on LinkedIn when {recruitment companies|recruiters} and {businesses|employers|organisations} {look|search} for {good people|people} who {might|would|could} be useful for their {company|business|organisation}.

We {research|identify} the {skills and attributes|skills} that you {possess|have} and match them with the most applicable skills that are suggested by LinkedIn themselves. This gives you {an additional|another} {chance|opportunity} of being found by {recruitment companies|recruiters} who are {seeking|looking for} {potential employees|people} {who have|with} specific {skills|skill sets}.

A side benefit of this is that this will give you the {chance|opportunity} to be endorsed or recommended by {friends and colleagues|connections|colleagues} for skills that you {really|actually} {have|possess} and are {beneficial|useful} for employers.

Author: Glenn Hughes


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