We Are Professional CV Writers

So, who or what on earth are professional CV writers?

A professional (as opposed to an amateur) is defined in many ways- one of our favourites is: “engaged in a specified activity as one’s main paid occupation rather than as an amateur”. There are plenty of amateur CV writers out there (we know, we tidy up the mess after they leave people).

Professional people care about the results that they get for people, they care how they treat people and they are always happy to be held to account.

Not so professional CV writers

Some time ago, I was made redundant and part of the process was that I was given outsourced job hunting help from a so called professional career career coaching company. What became obvious very quickly is that there were some things that they were good at and some things (like CV writing) that they most certainly were not good at. Of course, this is true for pretty much every single profession out there as no-one is good at everything- we happen to be great at writing CVs professionally.

Professional CV Writers Get Results

There are no standards of professionalism that we can get held accountable to so we decided to set our own. Our standard of professionalism is a very simple one, we make sure that people get interviewed. if we don’t manage to get people interviewed first time, we work with them until they do get interviewed, and we guarantee our work, something that the vast majority (i.e. everyone we know about) does not.

When you engage a professional to do something for you, quite rightly you expect results. Chartered Accountants, Surveyors and the like are honour bound to provide professional results through training, continuous professional development and more. We hold ourselves accountable so you don’t have to be concerned. Our resume editing services get amazing results.




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