Should I follow up on a job application?

This subject comes up regularly when I speak with customers regarding applications that they have sent for a job that they are interested in. We are all impatient and want to know pretty quickly if we are being considered or not. If an employer get a large volume of applications then it stands to reason that they might take a little while to get through them.

Of course, every decent employer should communicate an applicant’s status back to them but sometimes the employer doesn’t. If you do want to follow things up, maybe by email then perhaps this suggested text might help:

Subject: Enquiry about my recent Job Application

Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name],

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to inquire about the status of my job application for the [Position] role at [Company Name]. I submitted my application on [Date] and I am eager to know if it has been received and if it is being progressed.

I am particularly interested in this opportunity as I believe my skills and experience align well with the requirements of the role. I am confident that I would be a valuable asset to the team and I am excited about the possibility of joining your organization.

If you could let me know if my application is being considered and if there is anything else I can provide, I would greatly appreciate it. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely, [Your Name]

Is there a guarantee that you will get a response? No, of course not but sometimes a prod in the right direction helps and it can work.

There’s no right or wrong answer with this subject. Sometimes it can work and on other occasions, it can make things worse. In general, I would probably recommend writing some emails if you are unsure if your application is being processed or not.

When to Follow Up on a Job Application

1. After Submitting Your Application

As a general rule, it’s a good practice to follow up on your job application within a week of submitting it. This demonstrates your enthusiasm for the position and your proactive approach to the hiring process.

2. After the Deadline Has Passed

If the job posting specified a closing date, wait until after that date has passed before following up. Employers often need time to review all applications, so it’s important to respect their timelines.

3. After an Interview

If you’ve had an interview and the employer provided a timeline for their decision-making process, follow up if that period has passed without any communication. This shows continued interest in the position.

How to Follow Up on Your Job Application

Follow-Up Phone Call

If you have contact information for the hiring manager or HR department, consider making a polite phone call to inquire about your application status. Be prepared to introduce yourself professionally and concisely.

LinkedIn Outreach

Connect with the company’s HR personnel or hiring manager on LinkedIn and send a courteous message expressing your continued interest in the position and your hope for an update on your application status.

Handling Non-Responses

Sometimes, you may not receive a response to your follow-up efforts. In such cases, it’s essential to remain patient and continue your job search. Don’t let one application stall your progress. Use it as an opportunity to refine your strategy and apply to other promising positions.


Following up on a job application can demonstrate your commitment and enthusiasm for a position. However, it’s crucial to strike a balance between showing interest and respecting the employer’s timeline. Remember, persistence and professionalism in your job search are key to success.

Keep these tips in mind as you navigate the job application process, and may your follow-ups lead to exciting career opportunities.

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Author: Glenn Hughes

I’m a professional CV writer who also writes website content, LinkedIn profiles, helps people with bespoke job applications and more. I’ve been writing for the internet since 2009 and have many published articles.


  • Glenn Hughes

    I'm a professional CV writer who also writes website content, LinkedIn profiles, helps people with bespoke job applications and more. I've been writing for the internet since 2009 and have many published articles.

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