Is A CV Template Right For You?

Search the web using your favourite search engine, be that Google or Bing for the term “CV Template” and you will find millions of results. Chances are also that the word processing software that you are looking to use will also have a fair few CV formats that you can use.

If there are so many CV templates out there, can they all be good or all bad? Truth is that in my opinion, a CV template is neither good nor bad; however it stands to reason that if you have found one easily on the web then someone else will have found the same one as well.

cv templateThe purpose of a CV is simply to get you interviewed. the problem is that using something generic, downloaded by many thousands of people, your CV will look similar to many people’s even though it might look good. Looking good isn’t the answer, having a CV work for you by getting you interviewed definitely is.

Beware of templates that simply look great. MS Word (and other programs) insert code into documents so that fancy format might just look terrible on a Smartphone or a Tablet. Personal taste is also something that you need to think about- you might well love that template but will the hiring manager, particularly if it makes life difficult for them by displaying incorrectly or they don’t like the colours.

I’m not against the use of tools if they might make your life easier and they work. In this case, I’d rather use a standard format as a guideline and a steer rather than blindly following everything in the document. Learn how to use a word processor properly and then, perhaps create your own format to follow.