Sometimes, you just have a day that you really do believe was a turning point and a day that you’ll probably never forget. Today was just one of those days, this time at Pitman Swansea so I just wanted to spend a couple of minutes expressing my thanks to Nicola and the team there for their efforts.

Today didn’t start out great, I missed the train that I had planned to catch (long story) but still got in on time (just!) to be greeted with smiling faces and a stream of people waiting to see me. People who work with Pitman Swansea (and Cardiff for that matter) are generally pretty motivated and the welcome is always good. Today was just a little bit special.

Without exception, everyone I saw at the CV Clinic today was motivated, ready to listen and engage and it seemed to me grateful for the help that they were getting. I didn’t stop, from start to finish, a steady stream of people eager to get their CV polished up and ready for their (sometimes new) career to get kick-started.

Pitman SwanseaIn the afternoon, we got to spend some time with people from local agencies that help people in different (and sometimes very challenging) circumstances to get their careers on track. All of the people that we spent time with were motivated and ready to learn. It gives me such a feeling of job satisfaction when people are grateful for what you are trying to do for them. Training and feedback definitely works both ways. I went away feeling energised and optimistic (even though there was no let up in the pace all day).

True job satisfaction comes I believe from giving and also getting back. I tried hard to give today but what I got back in return can’t be measured in monetary terms. Smiles, confidence and seeing hope return to people’s eyes is something really special.

Could Pitman Swansea (or Cardiff) Work For You?

Pitman Swansea (and Cardiff) offer students a great service. The training is second to none and the results that people get aren’t just evident in the new skills they gain. You can see people visually grow and gain self confidence, often recovering from what may have been a low point in their lives. Anthony, Leanne, Nicola and the team do a great job for their customers, I’m happy to be a very small part of their team. Going home on the train felt a whole lot better, thanks so much.

Author: Glenn Hughes

I’m a business owner in the internet sector. Sites include a CV writing business, local websites, Amazon stores and more.

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