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Cover letter service

Cover Letter Writing Service


Cover Letter Writing Service

Product Description

Our Cover Letter Writing Service Includes:

  •   A short consultation to agree the objectives of the Cover Letter either as part of the CV writing process or separately depending on the situation.
  • A Professional Cover Letter tailored to the application of your choice, either speculatively or specifically (we can write in such a way to cover both eventualities).
  • Tailoring specific benefits that you can offer the employer, introducing you to them and highlighting key achievements, skills, etc.
  • Incorporation of a call to action from the employer to call/ email/ get in contact.
  • Creation in the timescale we agree.


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Fantastic! I am very impressed with the level of service I have received from you. It is refreshing to see that you aren’t just going to end it with the completion of the cover letter and cv – above and beyond Sir, above and beyond.
Colin M, Cardiff
I used your CV service sometime last year and was very pleased with the results I was given. I would like to pass them on to your site.
Justin B, England

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