Your UCAS Personal Statement, Professionally Edited for Only £79

Over the last six years, we have helped many students to get offers from their University of choice by reviewing and then editing their UCAS personal statements.

This service really does make a difference – just ask Kiera-

“Confirmation received from Swansea University!! I’ve got into LAW!!!!!”

and Owen

“Thank you so much, five offers out of five applications and I’m going to Worcester!”

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What is UCAS?

UCAS is the British Universities & Colleges Admissions Service

We make absolutely certain to review and check every single statement that we look at against criteria that we know will be looked for by admissions officers at the University. We write with their requirements in mind and are incredibly successful at what we do.

{We leave nothing|Nothing is left} to chance so we {write|re-write} as necessary, {making certain|ensuring} that spelling, grammar and punctuation is {absolutely perfect|perfect} and most importantly ensure that the {personal statement|UCAS personal statement|statement} {gives|leaves} the {best possible|right} impression in the mind of the {admissions officer|reader}.

We {create|write} the {personal statement|UCAS personal statement|statement} as if it was being {created|written} for ourselves or one of our family- {absolutely nothing|nothing} is left to chance and every {possible|single} {effort|element} that we can bring to the statement writing is brought and then some.

We may ask you for additional information if {your|the} content is {weak|light}. For example: Have you been recognised {in public|publicly}, privately or {sought out|singled out} for praise in the past? Did you {carry out|do} voluntary work, {assist|help} people in {vulnerable|difficult} situations, help a neighbour or look after an {older|elderly} {family member|relative}?

Your UCAS personal statement {writing|editing} service

We help you {to get|get} {an interview|interviewed} or offered a place at University {by|through}:

  • The {removal|correction} of incorrect or inappropriately applied spelling, punctuation and grammar {right through|throughout} the {entire|whole} {statement|document}.
  • {Making certain|Ensuring} that capitalisation and sentence {creation|construction} is {perfect|correct} throughout the {statement|document} and that the {writing flow|flow of writing} is easy on the eye and {will make|therefore makes} {the best possible|maximum} positive {effect|impact} on the {admissions officer|reader}.
  • {Re-writing|Editing} {all text|sentences} as {needed|necessary}, {reducing down|reducing} the amount of {text|words} in {every|each} {paragraph|sentence} without making the meaning too brief.
  • Creating a “tone” of {communication|writing} that is consistent {through|throughout} the {statement|document} and {gives|conveys} {the right|a positive} {impression|portrayal} of the applicant.
  • {Making certain|Ensuring} that the whole {piece|document} hangs together {in its entirety|as a whole} and {relates|tells} a {tale|story} rather than simply being {unconnected|disjointed} sentences.

The {finished|completed} {statement|document} will have {made sure that|taken into account} current best practices that are {effective|working} {presently|today} and have delivered {results|success} for applicants’ UCAS personal statements. For example, we will:

  • {Create|Write} an interesting, engaging and above all {effective|memorable} {introductory paragraph|introduction}.
  • {Make certain|Ensure} that {the right amount of|appropriate} space has been {allowed|given|allocated} to {every|each} element of the {personal statement|UCAS personal statement|statement} and that priority is {allowed for|given to} those {points|areas} of most impact.
  • Sell you to the University as a {qualified|suitable} and {motivated|interesting} student {who|that} will bring {credit|value} to the University and become a successful {advertisement|ambassador} for the University later in {your career|life}.
  • Explain your choice of course, what you are planning to gain from it and explore possible career choices resulting from successful completion of your studies.
  • Above all, {highlight|portray} your very best {qualities|achievements|points} and give you the very best chance possible of {getting an interview|being interviewed} or offered a {spot|place} at the University to study your chosen course(s).

Your {personal statement|UCAS personal statement|statement} order will be {e-mailed|emailed} to you {in|within} the {time|timescale} that we {agreed|promised} with a detailed report/ critique {showing|explaining} the changes that we have made to your {personal statement|UCAS personal statement|statement} and outlining the reasons why we have done so.

{Changes|Revisions} will be made in line with the package you {bought|purchased} and we {100% guarantee|guarantee} that you will be {delighted|happy} with the resulting {personal statement|UCAS personal statement|statement}. If you’re not {delighted|happy}, we’ll do everything we {possibly can|can} to {ensure|make sure} that the {completed|finished} {personal statement|UCAS personal statement|statement} is perfect.

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