The Impact of Losing a Job and the Importance of Outplacement Services

Losing a job is a major life event that can bring a great deal of stress, uncertainty, and anxiety. It is not surprising that many organizations offer support to former employees during this challenging time, especially when the separation is due to redundancy or termination. Outplacement services aim to provide assistance to employees in transition, helping them to move forward in their careers and find new employment opportunities.

Our Comprehensive Outplacement Services

Recognising the need for support during this difficult time, we started offering outplacement services. Our team consists of experienced HR professionals with a minimum of 15 years of expertise in all aspects of HR, including outplacement, CV evaluation, and writing. We offer customized solutions tailored to your specific needs, with a focus on providing ongoing support to individuals as they navigate the job search process.

One-to-One or Group-Based Services

Our services are available on either a one-to-one or group basis and include job search, job application, CV creation, identifying sources of funding, exploring the unadvertised job market, optimizing social media profiles, interview preparation, interview training, and advice on becoming self-employed.

Flexible and Cost-Effective Outplacement Services

While cost should not be the primary factor in determining the right outplacement services, our typical fee is £450 per consultant per day, plus expenses. Cover Letter Writing Service Image. Graphic of a man holding his cover letter ready for interviewOur consultants are based throughout the UK and are willing to travel to your location to deliver the support you need. The actual cost will depend on your specific requirements, so we encourage you to contact us to discuss your needs and determine the best solution for you.

Confidential Outplacement Services

Our outplacement services are completely confidential. We understand that employees in transition may be experiencing a range of emotions, from anger and betrayal to optimism and joy, and we are committed to ensuring that all dealings remain confidential. If desired, we are happy to sign a confidentiality agreement to provide additional reassurance.

To learn more about our outplacement services and how we can help you and your employees in transition, please call us at 07930 673053. Our directors are available 24/7 to answer your questions and provide support.







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