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Your CV has a single and simple purpose- it should get you interviewed. At the interview is where you will be offered the job.

Please give us a call on (01656) 880648 or 07930 673053, we can help you to get interviewed

We write great CVs for people looking to get an advantage over their competition for promotion. Here are the top ten reasons why you should consider using our CV writing service:

  • We are successful and guarantee our work. We guarantee you will get interviewed and have stood by that guarantee since 2009.
  • We don’t contract out CV writing to poorly paid sub-contractors. Our CV writers write for a living, are seasoned HR professionals and have read thousands of CVs in their professional lives.
  • We give honest CV reviews, free of charge. We will record a video review and feed back personally. No standard cut and paste answers just real, honest feedback.
  • We work with you and won’t give up. If a CV needs to be changed, we change it, and we’ll change it again until it does work for you.
  • We don’t just stop at writing the CV- we’ll help you target a job, target employers, get your CV distributed and more.
  • Every CV is personally inspected by Glenn Hughes, the owner of the business before it goes out.
  • We keep up to date with the latest trends in employment, Social media and the world of recruitment. We can help write or clean up a Social media profile and get you in front of recruiters and employers.
  • Our customers keep coming back to us. Many of our customers have re-used our service, more than once as they move through their career.
  • We never, ever forget that you are the customer. Our service is personalised and it works, time and again.

Don’t just take our word for it, have a look at the video , kindly recorded by one of our past customers who was happy with our CV writing service as well as our promotional video below.


Your CoCV Writing Servicempetitors Use A CV Writing Service

The British people are rightly known for their sense of fair play. The majority of people that we write for are not originally from the UK- they realise that they need a competitive advantage and they buy a CV writing service to give them an advantage over you.

Please give us a call on (01656) 880648 and take that first step towards a better standard of life for you and your family- you really do deserve the competitive advantage that using a CV writing service can give you.

Getting interviewed is the sole purpose of a CV. If you are qualified for and able to effectively carry out the type of roles for which you are applying then you should be getting interviewed. If you are not being interviewed then the problem is the CV or where you are putting the CV. We can help with both writing your CV and then making sure that the CV is in the right places.


    • Glenn Hughes

      I'm a professional CV writer who also writes website content, LinkedIn profiles, helps people with bespoke job applications and more. I've been writing for the internet since 2009 and have many published articles.

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